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See info below for how to get your incident covered by Citywide

When calling into the Citywide hotline you must leave your CT # ______ . 

Make sure the info is confirmed from units on the scene, never call in a “report of” type call. 

Wait until you know it’s an actual incident before calling in.. 

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Below is a partial listing of abbreviations we commonly use.


 W/F          WORKING FIRE                               MVA         MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT      JAWS       HYDRAULIC RESCUE TOOLS       R-5           PARAMEDIC UNIT     

M/A        MUTUAL AID                                      F/F          FIREFIGHTER                                     IFO          IN FRONT OF                                      F/I           FULLY INVOLVED      

K/D          FIRE KNOCKED DOWN                  PWH         PROBABLY WILL HOLD                ACW         ALL COMPANIES WORKING         U/D           UP DATE

DWH         DOUBTFUL WILL HOLD               S/C          SPECIAL CALL                                      U/C           INCIDENT UNDER CONTROL        INJ             INJURIES

BRK           BRICK                                                 OCC          OCCUPIED                                           FYI            FOR YOUR INFO                               CPR          TRAUMATIC ARREST

VAC          VACANT                                               NFI            NO FURTHER INFO                         MCI          MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT         

MCA         MOTOR CYCLE ACCIDENT            OIC           OFFICER IN CHARGE                        IAO           IN THE AREA OF

 L/Z           LANDING ZONE                                L/S            LIFE STAR HELICOPTER                 L/F            LIFE FLIGHT HELICOPTER