Citywide Communications, LLC

Hartford, CT

             Questions & Answers about the Chief Mobile App

Q. What are the 4 digits after the address (6111)?

A. The app ignores the zero in the Zip Code


Q. Can I still get just an email or text

A. Yes we can keep things as they are or customize your content  (Click here)


Q. What is the messages button for on the main page?

A. This is where our office can send a message to all users of the system


Q. What is Current status button for

A. This App can also be used for a Fire Department to dispatch its members, we currently do not use it?


Q. Why do some incidents not show on the map ?

A. Interstates and some other highways do not map


Q. Why do I see the number 1 in a lot of addresses ?

A. If we do not have the actual building address we use 1 so it will at map the street


Q. What is the schedule button for ?

A. Nothing at this time, Future use


Q How do I delete incidents ?

A. You can't they live on the server and refresh themselves


Q. How many devices can I have ?

A. Just like email or text one device per subscription


 Q. What is the personnel button for ?

A. Currnetly not in use. (for FD dispatch use only)













  Ken in Vernon 860-883-5234 

Frank in Newington at 860-666-2772